ERIK SPORTS…. Over 50 Years of Family Tradition!


Eric G Messler a Swedish Sargent in Arctic warfare developed a passion for Nordic skiing that would later become the inspiration to create Erik Sports in 1973 as a North American distributor for Nordic equipment.

My parents had a passion and respect for the outdoors which was enjoyably engraved in my way of life by learning to ski, fish, camp and hunt. They truly enjoyed the outdoors and took the time to include their kids. I have taught this same philosophy of respect and enjoyment of the outdoors to my children. This also is the standard for the products Erik Sports produces so that others can enjoy and experience the outdoors and hopefully include their children.

After a Nor’easter in 1993, I was Nordic skiing in fresh powder with the task of a brand name for Erik Sports products to which we could control engineering & quality. I wanted a name that would represent Nordic skiing, snowshoes & winter fun. Skiing for miles, my mind tangled in ideas, the task seemed to be unsuccessful. Then turning around to head home I noticed all the windward sides of the trees were coated with fresh white powder. From this angle the woods were peacefully white and the epiphany hit me. Whitewoods!

The products we sell are governed by our family’s standard of excellence and perseverance. We are actively involved in the engineering, design and production of all our products so that every product we sell will provide years of enjoyment.

Jan Michael Messler

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Eric Messler a Swedish Sergeant in Arctic warfare developed a passion for Nordic skiing that would later become the inspiration to create Erik Sports.
Erik Messler founded the company, Erik Sports Inc., a North American distributer for Nordic equipment
Eric Messler’s son Michael, takes the reins of Erik Sports.
Erik Sports celebrates its 25 years in business
Whitewoods brand is officially trademarked by Erik Sports.
Needing room to expand, the company moves its headquarters and warehouse to the farmlands of Andover NJ.
Erik Sports celebrates its 40th Anniversary.

Celebrating 50 years in business

Environmentally Responsible

Erik Sports was the first U.S. ski distributor to install solar power. In doing so, our electric generation from over 14,000 watts of solar panels supplies almost 80% of our warehouse electric consumption. And yes, this equals a lot of trees planted and eliminates thousands of pounds of carbon emissions. We also installed a 50 piece evacuated tube Solar Thermal system which heats the water used to heat our warehouse.

Erik Sports directly manages all of our manufacturing so more and more of our products & packaging incorporate environmentally friendly materials whenever possible, without sacrifice to quality.

And yes, we do recycle our bottles & cans too.