the Outlander a NEW KIND of FUN!

A Hybrid Ski that combines the best features of Nordic skiing & Snowshoeing

Getting kids to enjoy any outdoor sport is mission critical!

The window of that opportunity may be small and therefore needs the attention to detail. Success will bring laughter, better health, self esteem and easier management for the educating staff.

Outlander skis are short with a wide parabolic side-cut that oats over the snow with comfort and stability. The wax-less base requires no maintenance, grips well on uphill climbing and glides slow & easy on downhills. Outlander bindings are quick & easy to secure to a wide variety of winter footwear.

  • All skis can be used for each class & grade level, One Size Fits Most
  • Bindings easily adjust from women’s size 6 to men’s size 13
  • Short 130cm length for easier learning, turning & gliding
  • Side-cut of 96-55-96mm provides more stability for kids, therefore more fun
  • No cross country boots required, reducing inventory needed
  • Eliminates boot hygiene hassles

Fits a variety of winter footwear and sizes!

Only $135

Pre-mounted and ready to use
No minimum orders
Terms: Net 30 or Credit Card

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